After the Bike breakdown we stayed overnight in Twin Falls Idaho instead of Idaho Falls which was our original destination. We left in the morning for home.The weather now was completely clear and warm. Stopped in Nevada at a Car Wash and unloaded the Bikes from the trailer to wash them and the Car. After getting everything clean we continued the journey home. We had a pleasant drive back to Graeagle CA and had a wonderful dinner cooked by Dan’s wife Kathleen. It was a great end to a terrific trip.  Don

After a long day of driving we make it back to my house in Graeagle, CA and meet up with an ecstatic dog, a relieved wife, a martini and a good home cooked meal with a bottle of red wine.  We told stories and laughed about the trip and all of our adventures.  in the back of my mind I’m logging destinations and planning our next adventure.  Hope you all enjoyed the blog.  It was a great trip for us and this was a good way to chronicle the adventure for future amusement.  Dan


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