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Last Day!  Looked like yet another wet day in the morning. Had some drizzles driving but started to clear some as i got further from Kemmerer. Was having a pleasant drive until i received a phone call when i was getting close to Idaho Falls. The call was from Dan saying that one of the Bikes had a Terminal failure and i was to return to Kemmerer Wy. The call could not have come at a worse time as i was on the only divided highway that i encountered on the trip. It had a gully between the roads that i could not cross. I traveled about 30 miles until i observed some road work where they filled in the gully but had a cement barricade. I was able to get around the barricade and  go back to Kemmerer which was 200 miles! Dan and Ryk (whose Bike failed) where waiting for me at Kemmerer. Dan had to tow Ryk for over 40 miles to get back to Kemmerer. Dave and Larry continued on to Idaho Falls. We had another problem now as i had Dave and Larry’s gear in the SUV. After much discussion it was decided that we would meet in the middle to exchange the gear. It was a tough day but it all worked out. You have to be prepared for something like this happening during a ride of this type. Overall it was a very good journey. I was glad to meet two new friends in Larry and Dave. Great guys. This was my second trip with Dan and Ryk who have been wonderful to me. Hope you have enjoyed the Blog. Everyone worked hard to put it together. They put in long hard days on the Bikes and then sat down to put entries in the Blog each night.  Don

Last day and a little melancholy thinking that all the fun is coming to an end.  it is once again cloudy, but no rain.  We leave town and travel about 45 miles when I stop for a look at a historic site of a rangers station.  The guys follow and that is when things get bad.  Ryk is unable to start his big XR.  I give a kick and it starts up, but won’t stay running.  We give it a tow and after several attempts  of start and fail we head him in the direction of last nights destination and say don’t stop until you get there.  Being safe and and a partner I follow Ryk.  About 2 miles down the road I find him by the side of the road and the bike is dead.  Larry and Dave finish the ride on the course, and I am resigned to tow ryk back to Kemmerer.  this is not as easy as it may sound.  We tie off to my axle on the right side and ryk is holding the strap.  As we make left hand turns, his bike gets behind mine and the tire eats the strap until it breaks and wraps around my axle.  It is slow and methodical.  Finally we make it to town.  knowing that it is a ticketable offense, we forge on anyway.  No cops and we make it to the motel to await Don and the sag wagon.  Ryk is nice enough to treat me to lunch and up pulls a cop.  how did we dodge that bullet?  Don arrives and we decide on the logistics of getting the other two guys there gear.  All and all we road about 1800 miles, give or take on dirt surfaces with about 50 miles per day getting into and out of town.  Dan


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