Meeker Colorado to Vernal Utah (Day 5)

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Today i had a nostalgic ride from Meeker Colorado to Vernal Utah. This is the very road i traveled in the 1960’s when i hunted in this area. Today the weather was partly cloudy and threatened to rain but stayed dry and warm. This is Dinosaur land and i saw several coming into town. They must like to be around Humans. Again i suggest that you look at previous Posts as we sometimes put new pictures and dialog in a few days late. And remember that if you click on a picture it will go full screen and give a much better view.  (Don S)


A long haul out of Meeker before we connect with our dirt byway.  No rain and good road get us to gas at 10AM and a break at the Kum and Go.  What a name for a gas stop, (brothel perhaps).  We head out into the desert and the real fun begins.  Good damp road makes for fast travel.  We are watching a big black cloud approaching.  We hope to go around it, but no dice.  As we enter Dinosaur National Monument we have to suit up in our rain gear again and the drops begin to fall.  Heavier rain by the mile until the thunder and lighting nail us.  Raining buckets, the road is submerged under 2” of water and the little gullies are a raging torrent.  We only guess at the depth.  Take a big breath, grab a handful of throttle, hoist the front wheel and hope you don’t bang a rock as we blast through these scary crossings.  30 minutes later, no rain the sun begins to appear, the roads dry out and dust appears under the roosted mud.  Very strange.  We go into Echo Park for lunch on the Green River.  Fantastic red rock canyon walls a 1000” high and no one around.  Beautiful petroglyphs and third generation settlements.  Back on the road and great traction as we see more of the Monument.  So beautiful.  Down the mountain to the visitors center to get an education on the Morrison formation and the multitude of dinosaur from the area 149 million yrs ago.  Very well done.  213 miles today. Dan

Dan has described the day well. For me this was the best day yet, but will be remembered as the day of terror AND fun.  When you go into the desert what are two things you are warned to avoid?  Lightning, and flash floods are at the top of the list.  Those were the things we had to survive to get to the fun…and we did.  After watching the TV images the previous night of autos getting washed off the roads by flash floods in Denver, it was quite frightening to be trapped  on a remote, rain soaked muddy, rocky, dirt road which was now a couple of inches deep in water and punctuated with overflowing gullies which looked like what we had just seen in Denver devouring cars.  I was the last of the group to get going after putting on the raingear, and by the time I arrived at the third and angriest flooded gully I had to question whether I should try to cross.  Were my companions lucky enough to get across before the water had risen to the alarming level I was now facing? Or are they crazy enough to just blast through the torrent?   I figure they are even crazier than I am and I just needed to keep up.  I braked at the last moment and studied the flooded gully and picked a spot… visibility was poor in the dumping rain.  I decided that I needed to commit to this and going thru slowly in first gear was suicide.  I spun around in the road and got a run at the flood in second gear… tried to loft the front end…hard to do with a big red pig of a motorcycle with no traction …kept the weight back, standing up on the pegs and crashed thru the flood and a small tree.  Success!  Hard to stop a quarter of a ton of man and pig if the technique is correct!  After 20 min. or so of incredible downpour I got out of it and into the sun…funny road alternating between dry and mud for the next 30 miles.  Once the terror had subsided, it got really fun and the canyon scenery in Dinosaur Nat. Monument was superb. Ryk


3 thoughts on “Meeker Colorado to Vernal Utah (Day 5)

  1. Dan – excellent! R U running Kenda K270s on the Piggy? I ran them on the KLR and – “I must say” not bad! You guys should look at a Colorado 500 route/map for the next Adv trip.

    cheers, G.

    • not sure of the Kenda model, but our Kenda tires a super good wearing and grip great in the wet and greasy surfaces. This is mostly graded autobahn and Ms Piggy is in her glory. We are flat hauling the mail. I geared her up for this event and there is no better mount for this kind of ride. When the other guys are overreving their machines, Ms Piggy is just hitting her stride at 70 and 5th gear with a comfortable purr (or should I say grunt).

      • You are making me miss my Piggy. Looks like the weather has been fair for your ride, considering that on the east side of the Rockies, Noah has has the Ark docked at Boulder, Co.

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