Riverside Wy to Meeker Colorado (DAY 4)

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Had a pleasant drive from Riverside Wy to Meeker Colorado. Had a wet drive over the mountains and thus missed some great photo opportunities. Met two Motorcycle riders who are riding thru several States. (see picture). Found a coffee shop in Meeker where i am able to do this post while waiting for the bike riders to get here. I hunted here in Meeker in the sixties as well as Pinedale Wy and posted a picture of the Mule deer i bagged here. Make sure to check previous day’s Blogs as we add to the Blog several days later at times due to our busy schedule. Also you can click on a picture to bring it up full screen for a much better view.  (Don S)


Out of Riverside early to beat the bad weather, but it starts to rain almost from the get go.  The gravel autobahn is a little greasy, but  as we climb into the mountains the damp gives us good traction.  We soon get to the west side of the continental Divide and the skies begin to clear.  Aspen forests are so beautiful.  Hunters camping at every available site, we always need to be aware of possible traffic.   We ride up huge valleys with colorful willows along the creeks filled with beaver dams.  Into Colorado and the mansions are eye opening.  Who would chose to build their castles in this remote area.  Lunch in Haden and back into the mountains.  Clouds gather and the rain starts to fall as we climb over the next range.  It a short burst and clears as we ride through huge aspen forests that are soon to turn to their autumn gold.  We descend into a beautiful agricultural valley leading to Meeker, our destination.  235 miles today and Don has a nice accommodation set for us.  A few beers and a hot tube soak makes for a great day.  Dan


One thought on “Riverside Wy to Meeker Colorado (DAY 4)

  1. DOn – We just watched on the news tonite the terrible rains and slides in Colorado. I said “look Dave thats where the riders are now ” Colorado.Glad to see you save and “sound”!! Great photos – enjoying your travelogue!! Ronni – ——

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