Atlantic City WY TO RIVERSIDE WY (DAY 3)

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Had a long wet drive today. It rained on and off all day. The riders had a muddy wet ride also. Wyoming is a wide open place making it difficult driving with few signs and long distances between towns. You can get lost very easy and find yourself miles off course. I had that experience today. Had no WiFi so i am a day late posting this. Riverside Wyoming has a population of 52!   (Don S)

A lot of asphalt to get back to the track on the Oregon Trail.  That was a short joy of two track riding side by side with Dave until we get back on the graded road.  Then a long haul on graded road on the high desert.  It is desolate with no animals other than a few antelope and some cows for the bulk of the day.  It begins to rain and all we could do is ride through it and hope we can get out from under the heavy down pours.  Nothing eventful, no pictures this day because of the dark skies and heavy rain.  Fortunately we’re carrying a little fuel and needed it.  With a couple hours to our destination, we see our first tree, but the roads are getting greasy so our concentration is on the road.  As we forge through the aspen forests to the final pass it is flat pouring.  We get on the highway and as I look at a very foreboding black cloud, a bolt of lighting strikes.  Before I can say “holy s*#t” we hear the crash of the thunder.  We could barely see the car in front us, and stayed together down to Riverside, 274 miles today.  Lyn, our host at Spirit Lodge is very warm and inviting.  She hosts our first cocktail and gets our spirits back.  Dan


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