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Had a great drive from Idaho Falls to Pindale Wyoming. Terrific scenery along the way. I hunted in Pinedale in the mid 60’s. I bagged a beautiful Mule Deer on that hunt. (see photo below.  Don S

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We left Idaho Falls about 9:00 AM and wormed our way through town to get to our dirt road start.  It was amazing to see that these graded roads are better than the paved CA roads.  As we from about 4600′ in Idaho Falls to the mountains the air found a chill and the color of the Aspen trees began to turn a lighter shade of green to gold.  The valley willows that hide the rivers are very yellow gold.  Big mountains and beautiful valleys were our sights for the day.  A beaver dam was spotted and several antelope in the prairie let me get close enough for a photo.  People are so nice in the very small towns we passed through, and everyone was interested in our adventure.  We couldn’t find a motel space in our final planned destination so we had to ride another 32 miles to Pinedale for a room.  (Dan)

What a gorgeous day: some cloud cover kept it from being very warm which makes for more pleasant riding.  The glorious mountain scenery is the sort which my pocket camera photos just don’t adequately capture.   The first day of a trip always presents some interesting challenges: it was the first time I had tried to use the Go Pro movie camera which is mounted on top of a new helmet.  If you push a button it starts to film… push it again and it stops.  I ended up out of synch: thinking the camera was on when it wasn’t and vice versa. I finally figured out that if I looked in my rearview mirror I could see the red light on the camera indicating that it was filming… alas too late as the battery was used up.  Tomorrow I will try time lapse: one photo each second and see how long the battery lasts.  The big XR honda single was not running quite right… it starts fine and runs great until you really open up the throttle, then instead of a satisfying thrust it blubbers and hesitates… a quick shift up and it smooths out again…running too rich… a combination of the elevation (highest point today was 8,400+ ft.) and a new type of airfilter oil which I probably applied too liberally….it seemed to be running better by the end of the day but there is no Honda dealer to buy a leaner mainjet anywhere nearby…fortunately it is hard to stop a Honda XR 650.  The bottom line is that I just need to ride more so this stuff gets sorted out.     Had a great meal at the brewpub in Pinedale and now I’m just exhausted. Ryk

We finally got started on our long awaited for adventure ride at 9 am. We got right into the dirt and gravel roads finding our way through some of the most beautiful country i have ever seen, stopping at many places to take in the views and breath the fresh air. This is the first time i have taken the time to slow down and take in the scenery, you just can’t ignore the surroundings and opportunity to shoot some great pictures. So, our first day was quite relaxing after Dave and i spent the last week riding single track in the Stanley Idaho area. looking forward to a relaxing week of cruising through some of the most beautiful country the US has to offer. Larry



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